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Those students who write their academic papers in college and university should pay attention to a number of peculiarities with developing of their essays' topics and other difficulties with academic writing which they can experience. These difficulties are often connected with the process of examining the literature, its proper analysis and interpretation. Moreover, the standards and requirements to academic papers can differ in various universities, for instance, in Harvard University and University of Chicago.  
The effectiveness of students' essays depends on their successful developing of the topic of the investigation. Thus, students can learn a lot of information about the difficulties with the topics' development from the material in handouts, reports, investigations, surveys, writing custom essay and argumentative essay sample provided by an online custom writing service.  When students choose the topic for their courseworks they pay attention to the fact that the topic should be original, viable, and rather provocative. It is also very important to concentrate on such aspects as the currency of the theme and its significance. These details are necessary for determining of the most effective evidences and facts for the paper. The topic can be considered as developed when there is a successful discussion of all the issues which are associated with the theme. It is necessary to find the most interesting and reliable resources to which you will refer in the work because your ideas should be supported with quotes and evidences. Moreover, pay much attention to the examples and the data of statistics.
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